The largest project in a decade at the State Historical Museum opens tomorrow, and it showcases 100 “favorite things” of the 20th Century. It includes hot dogs, hula hoops and hybrid corn, and one “thing” that was heavily ridiculed. Polyester, a fabric developed by the British during World War II was picked by curator Jack Lufkin to be part of the “Creations of the 20th Century” exhibit.Lufkin, of course, is talking about polyester, that fabric we love to ridicule. But check yourself. Cynthia Glenn, fashion director for the Younker’s department stores, says you’re probably wearing a little right now. Glenn says designers are calling it “microfiber.”Glenn says, though, it’s polyester that’s been spun into a finer thread.A polyester leisure suit an Iowa man wore to work quite regularly in the 1970s will be on display.