The presidents of the three state-supported universities are making their case for support as the next legislative session draws closer. The governor and legislature gave the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and Northern Iowa less funding than they asked for last year. Legislators and the governor say they’ll focus their efforts on improving K-12 education. I-S-U President Richard Seagrave wished lawmakers wouldn’t pit the two forms of education against each other.Seagrave says each segment of education is important.U-N-I President Robert Koob says he has no desire to strip money from K-12 schools. Koob says he hopes legislators understand the role that higher education plays in the state.Koob says U-N-I turns out many of the teachers that’re needed in the state. He says they can’t afford to let programs slip.University of Iowa President Mary Sue Coleman says she’s optimistic about future state funding for the state universities.