Snowmobilers who slug down too much holiday cheer before hopping on their sleds can find themselves in just as much trouble as drunk motorists. Steve Schutte is a law enforcement officer in the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ Clear Lake office. Schutte says a large number of Iowa’s snowmobiling accidents are alcohol-related, especially in the evening hours. He says drunken snowmobilers are handled much like drunken car drivers.Schutte says snowmobiles need to be operated at a slower speed at night. He says the headlight on bright can allow the driver to stop safely or avoid an object in sight from a speed of up to 45 miles an hour.Schutte says any accidents that cause personal injury, death, or at least 200-dollars worth of property damage must be reported to local law enforcement. Snowmobilers face a fine of up to $155 for not making a report.