The world famous Algona Nativity Scene is open to visitors for its 56thyear. Algona Methodist’s Men’s Club Chairman Wes Bartlett says the scene wascreated by some men who found themselves far away from home in Algona.Six Germans being held as prisoners of war in Algona during World War Twobuilt the nativity scene. The idea came from prisoner Eduard Kaib. Bartlettsays figures were made of concrete on a wire frame covered in plaster. Hesays they remain in good shape.Bartlett says it was believed that all the men who made the scene had died.But, he says there was recent hope that one of the men may still be living.He heard a rumor that a local man who was in Germany talked with a man therewho said he helped build the nativity scene. Bartlett has been unable tofind out if that story is true. Around five-thousand people visit thenativity scene each December. Bartlett says people from every state andaround the world have viewed the scene for free.The scene is open weekdays and Saturdays through December 31 from two p-m tonine p-m.