State officials will rest a little easier as the New Year rings in comparedto all the action one year ago. State Emergency Management Division DirectorEllen Gordon took some time this week to reflect on the events of last year.At this time last year, everyone was preparing for a possible Y-2-Kdisaster. Predictions of Y-2-K nightmares proved to be unfounded as stateofficials were left with very little to do at their Camp Dodge command post.Some people believe 2001 is the actual start of Y-2-K, but Gordon says shehasn’t heard of any concerns. Gordon says all the Y-2-K work and planninghasn’t gone to waste. She says the year 2000 ended up pretty much as itstarted — quiet, with no major disasters. The quiet start of the New Yearleft many people with stores of extra food, gasoline and electric generatorsthat ended up collecting dust.