Iowa public health officials are urging all Iowans to have their homestested for potentially-deadly radon gas in the new year. Jim Doolittle iscoordinator for the Iowa AIR Coalition and he urges everyone in the state todo the simple radon check. Iowa has the highest percentage of homes in theU-S that exceed federal E-P-A advisory levels of radon. The deposits wereplaced in Iowa centuries ago by glaciers. Doolittle says Iowans don’t haveto invest much money in determining whether their homes may be at risk.January is “National Radon Action Month.” Doolittle is based at the LinnCounty Health Department in Cedar Rapids. He says 15-thousand people in theU-S die every year from lung cancer caused by radon exposure. He says it’snot something Iowans should put off.For information about the five-dollar test kits, call Iowa’s RadonInformation Line at 800 383-5992. (Note: In the name, the Iowa AIRCoalition, the AIR part stands for Asthma, Indoor air quality, and Radon.)