Republican legislators intend to pass an “English-Only” law for Iowa. It’llensure Iowa government business is only conducted in English. DemocratGovernor Tom Vilsack adamantly opposed it last year as “anti-immigrant” andthe bill stalled in the House. The concept has broad public support andVilsack has moderated his stance. Vilsack says he looks forward to workingwith Republicans on a proposal that would incorporate some other ideas alongwith the stipulation that goverment business be conducted in English only.Vilsack wants to ensure there are plenty of English as a Second Languagecourses available for immigrants. And Vilsack wants to figure out a way toencourage businesses which employ immigrants to have English classes on thejob site. In mid-November, after Republicans secured majority-control of theIowa Legislature, G-O-P leaders said an “English-Only” bill was a priorityfor 2001.