Police shot a Des Moines man yesterday after cops say he got drunk and threatened his dad with a shotgun. Police spokesman Bruce Elrod says the mother of 28-year-old Justin Maschke called police and then hid in a closet.Two cops arrived at the home and saw Maschke hitting someone on the floor with the butt of shotgun. Elrod says officer Phil Terrones fired at Maschke after Maschke raised the gun to a shooting position. Maschke was hit in the shoulder.Elrod says Maschke’s injuries were not life threatening. He’s beencharged with going armed with intent and willful injury. Elrod says the Chief of Police will review the case to determine if officer Terrones is given any time off.Elrod says Maschke apparently got drunk after a break up with a long time girlfriend. His parents had picked him up from a local bar and brought him home, then he turned belligerent.