Uncle Sam is putting up more than a half-million dollars to help low-income senior citizens in Iowa buy fresh produce from farmers’ markets. Mike Bevins, the state horticulturist, says the 560-thousand dollar U-S-D-A grant is part of a new program to supplement the nutritional needs of seniors.The coupons would be worth 28-dollars. Bevins says it’s a win-win proposition as thousands of needy senior citizens would get food that’s better for them and the farmers’ markets would get the business.To qualify, Bevins says people need to be at least 60 years of age and those who are single need to have an annual income of 15-thousand-448 dollars or less, while couples need to make less than 20-thousand-813 dollars a year.Up to 20-thousand low-income Iowa seniors should be reached in the program’s first year. There is a catch. Bevins says the state legislature must approve spending 112-thousand dollars to be coupled with the federal money before the program can be launched statewide.