An Ohio insurance company has agreed to a settlement with some Iowans who bought used cars without knowing the cars had undergone extensive repairs. Bob Brammer, a spokesman for Iowa’s Attorney General, says Progressive Insurance Company made a mistake when it sold damaged vehicles acquired from its customers.Progressive fixed up the cars, but failed to give them what’s know as a “salvage title,” indicating they’d been seriously damaged.Brammer says Progressive worked with the state once the problem was discovered. He says they’re giving some money back to 45 Iowans.The company will pay back a total of 87-thousand-500 dollars for the cars and 40-thousand in costs to the Attorney General. While Progressive helped the state, Brammer says there are many people who illegally try to get around the salvage title law.He says odometer tampering used to be their biggest concern, but title fraud has now become more of a problem. Brammer says you can help by thoroughly checking out any used car before buying.Brammer says you should also do some title research to get some history on the car.