The Iowa Corn Growers Association is hoping to head off a last minute move by the Clinton Administration that could hurt efforts to use corn-based ethanol in gasoline. Association spokesperson Paula Chizek says they’re asking all corn growers to contact Iowa’s senators and representatives.She says they’re trying to keep President Clinton from giving California a Clean Air Act waiver that would shut out the use of ethanol in the state. Chizek believes Clinton may take the action before he leaves office Saturday. They’ve received indications Clinton could make the move as early as tomorrow. She says the waiver would severely hurt Iowa corn farmers.It could do away with a potential market for 230-million bushels of corn. Chizek says the waiver would set back all the efforts made to promote ethanol as a clean-burning gasoline additive. California has asked for the waiver so it could remove the oil-based M-T-B-E additive from its gasoline. That additive has been found responsible for polluting California’s water supply. Chizek says ethanol is an environmentally safe alternative to M-T-B-E.