While Iowa’s current capitol building is still undergoing renovation, the state’s first permanent capitol building in Iowa City is open again after repair of its interior. Director Ann Smothers says the Old Capitol at the University of Iowa was closed for four weeks and reopened Tuesday.Crews repaired water damage on the interior of the capitol dome caused by a 1998 storm. Smothers says workers also repaired the chandeliers.Cables and winches that lower the chandeliers for cleaning were replaced. Smothers says the Old Capitol represents three periods in Iowa history.Exhibits in the building depict its days from 1842 to 1846 as the territorial capitol. It was also the first state capitol of Iowa from 1846 to 1857 and the building was used by the U-of-I until 1970. Smothers says the building is now up to date.Smothers says 30-thousand visitors tour the Old Capitol Museum each year. The Old Capitol is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a-m to three p-m.