Two dozen would-be Iowa dove hunters lobbied legislators all day Wednesday. Then, last night, the Iowa House voted to allow dove hunting in the state. Sixty-eight-year-old Doyle Adams of Indianola says the birds are challenging to hunt because they’re so quick. Adams says dove tastes a bit like the dark meat of a wild turkey, and he likes it.Adams, who’s state president of the Isaak Walton League, and the rest of the pack of hunters wore “blaze orange” caps to stand out from the statehouse crowd. During House debate of the dove-hunting bill, some critics came forward. Representative Dave Schrader of Monroe was among them. He says it is an edible bird, but he says people aren’t hunting them to prevent themselves from starving to death.Representative Paul Bell of Newton, another opponent, says doves are important symbols of peace to many Iowans. He says the inside of his father’s casket has four doves and says “take me home.” Representative Teresa Garman of Ames said her mail ran ten-to-one against dove hunting.The bill isn’t law yet. It now goes to the Senate for consideration, then must get Governor Vilsack’s approval before it becomes law.