Republican legislators rejected a compromise democrat Governor Tom Vilsack offered to provide 20-million dollars in heating assistance for low-income Iowans. House Republican Leader Christopher Rants of Sioux City says the G-O-P will press forward today with its own 15-million dollar plan which shifts money from some state programs into the low income heating assistance plan. Governor Vilsack said yesterday he’d accept a two-month suspension of state sales taxes on natural gas purchases if legislators extend a two-dollar-per-month surcharge on natural gas and use that money to finance heating assistance for poor Iowans. Rants says Republicans won’t do it. Vilsack says he’s still willing to sit down and negotiate, but there’s a time limit. The House today will debate a bill that would erase the state sales tax on natural gas bills in February, March and April. The Senate will take up that bill, too, as well as their plan to plug the holes in the state low income heating assistance program.