Iowa democrats are hosting a hearing in Des Moines today to bring together regulators, utility executives and other industry watchers. Senate Democrat Leader Mike Gronstal of Council Bluffs says it’s part of an effort to develop a long-term energy strategy for the state.Gronstal says Iowa should become a mecca for alternative energy sources, like wind turbines. He says many of the economic equations for alternative energy have improved.Gronstal isn’t interested in tax incentives for utilities that build generating stations if there’s no requirement the energy generated be sold first to Iowans. He says a lack of such a requirement caused problems in California.The panel of utility experts and officials will speak from 11 ’til one today. Folks from the Governor’s Energy Task Force, the Iowa Energy Center, The Iowa Consumer Advocates’ Office, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Utilities Board, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and other industry officials will speak.