Not all the money you send in with your state tax return has to go to the state treasury. State tax forms also have a “checkoff” line where you can donate money to various organizations. Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance spokesperson Renee Mulvey says the checkoffs have been featured on Iowa tax returns for several years. A maximum of three checkoffs are allowed each year. Mulvey says the domestic abuse checkoff was dropped this year as it garnered less money than the State Fair and Chickadee checkoffs. The State Fair checkoff helps pay for renovations on the State Fair grounds, while the Chickadee checkoff finances wildlife projects. Mulvey says groups seeking to be a part of the checkoff still have time for 2001.The legislature determines which checkoffs are included.Mulvey says over 31-thousand Iowans donated to the three checkoffs in 1999.The Chickadee checkoff took in over 135-thousand dollars, the State Fair checkoff nearly 10-thousand and the domestic abuse check-off just over 86-hundred dollars.