Iowa ranks toward the top of a new survey rating the states based on how they’re managed.”Governing Magazine” covers public policy and governmental issues at state, local and federal levels. It gives Iowa a “B-plus” — that’s up from a “B” the last time the survey was done two years ago. Seven other states had overall grades of B-plus while three states had A-minuses. Governor Vilsack’s spokesman, Joe Shannahan, says there were five major categories on which the final grades were based.Iowa got A-minuses for Financial Management and for Managing for Results. Iowa got B-pluses for Capital Management and for Innovation in Human Resource Efforts and a “B” for Information Technology. Michigan, Utah and Washington all got average grades of A-minus. Iowa tied in the B-plus grade level with: Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. To see the full survey results, surf to “” on the Internet.