Iowa’s democrat Governor says he won’t accept any more tax cuts this year or next, but republican legislators have other ideas. Yesterday, Governor Tom Vilsack approved a bill which gradually eliminates the state sales tax on utilities. It will eventually provide Iowans about 100-million dollars in sales tax relief each year.House Speaker Brent Siegrist, a republican from Council Bluffs, says the G-O-P will press forward with a proposal to completely erase Social Security taxes.Individual Iowans who earn less than 32-thousand dollars a year do NOT pay income taxes on their Social Security benefits. Republicans want the rest of elderly Iowans to get their Social Security, tax-free, too.The New “Iowa Policy Project” issued a report in January which found 71 percent of elderly Iowans are already exempted from Social Security taxes, and the cut shifts the tax burden from well-to-do elderly Iowans to younger workers.