While the subject of a log home may conjure up the image of a crude cabin more suited for Davy Crockett, a central Iowan says such residences are becoming more popular as primary homes. Doug Pooch of Waukee says the log home of 2001 is energy-efficient, modern and comfortable.Pooch and his wife moved into a log home in 1992 and liked it so much, they decided to go into the business. Since then, they’ve built more than 50 log homes for Iowans. Pooch says the walls are two-by-six studs, much like a traditional house, but half-logs coat the outside to create the rustic look.Pooch says log houses cost about 10 to 15 percent more than traditional houses, but he says they’re all custom-built, unique homes.His biggest challenge will be building a model, one-thousand-square-foot log home inside Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium next week for the Des Moines Home and Garden Show.