Governor Tom Vilsack has vetoed a bill that would force state economic development materials to tout Iowa’s “Right-to-Work” law. The issue is a political one. Vilsack, who’s a democrat, ordered the removal of “Right-to-Work” references in economic development pamphlets. Unions don’t like the law, which bars unions from charging dues to workers who are part of a union-negotiated wage contract, but don’t want to join the union. Republicans believe the “Right-to-Work” law is popular with Iowans and a sign of a “pro-business” state, and Republicans hope to flog the issue when Vilsack seeks re-election in 2002. Vilsack says “Right-to-Work” language puts a “cheap wage” sign on the state, and Vilsack told G-O-P lawmakers he would have signed their bill had they coupled it with an increase in the minimum wage.