As Iowa City leaders struggle to control problems with underage drinking, state leaders are considering tighter rules on taverns. Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division administrator Lyn Walding says some Iowa City leaders want the state to ban all minors from bars during certain hours.He says one law officer told him that could cause problems in rural Iowa where a tavern may be a community’s major gathering place. The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission met in Iowa City Thursday and held a public hearing on the problem of binge drinking. Walding says there were two goals for holding the meeting at the home of the University of Iowa. Identifying the scope of the problem, and ways to address the problem.Iowa City leaders are weighing various options, including forbidding bar owners from offering two-for-one style drink specials. Walding says he was pleased with the turnout at the hearing as it’s clear there is a great deal of concern about the issue.The Commission will consider the various proposals before making any recommendations to the Iowa Legislature. Walding fears in trying to address the problems of one community, problems will be created elsewhere.