A report by the Food and Agricultural Research Institute at Iowa State University bears good news for some Iowa farmers. Institute Director John Beghlin says the report predicts a three-point-six percent increase in the value of ag exports. Beghlin says the increase will come mainly in the export of so-called “value added” products.Processed meat products are expected to make up 60-percent of the increase. He says vegetable oil exports will also increase. Beghlin says the export value of raw commodities like soybeans and corn won’t increase much.The volume of grain exports is increasing, but the price for the grain is staying flat. He says the increase in exports comes because foreign economies that started to slide in 1998 are now recovering.Asia’s economy continues to recover and has become a stable market for meat products. Beghlin says both processors and producers should benefit from the increase in exports.The Institute’s report shows the value and volume of exports should continue to climb by two to four percent over the next decade.