The Iowa Donor Network, which tracks the number of Iowans who need organ transplants, has reached an unwanted landmark. Donor Network spokesman Paul Sodders says the list of Iowans waiting on an organ hit an all-time high of 300 on Monday. Sodders says the number of patients on the list continues to rise despite an increase in organ donors over the past two years. Depending on the organ, he says the wait can range from three months to three years.About 16 people die nationwide every day while waiting for an organ. Another person is added to the waiting list nationwide every 14 minutes. Sodders says Iowans can sign up to be organ donors on their driver’s licenses, but the next of kin must still give consent. He says four other states in the U-S allow “first person consent,” meaning, the license or an organ donor card is all that’s needed for organs to be harvested. For information, surf to “” or call 800-831-4131.