A bill that’d make English Iowa’s official language stalled in a Senate committee yesterday. One of the “English Only” bill’s supporters couldn’t attend the meeting, and his vote was needed to pass the bill out of committee, so the bill was tabled. Republican Senator O. Gene Maddox of West Des Moines would not vote for the bill, as he wants a public hearing so opponents can air their grievances. Republican Senator Steve King of Kyron is skeptical a public hearing will do anything other than give opponents a soapbox.Maddox also wants more money for English as a Second Language programs.The “English Only” bill WILL be considered Thursday in the Senate State Government Committee, and it’s expected to pass. Governor Tom Vilsack has said he’ll approve a bill naming English Iowa’s official language if the bill includes money for E-S-L classes and other programs that help immigrants learn their rights in the workplace.