It’s believed the break in the water line has been found, allowing repairs to begin that will restore normal water flow for the southeastern Iowa town of Libertyville. Ellen Gordon, administrator of the Iowa Emergency Management Division, says the pipe burst on Saturday.Governor Vilsack has declared a disaster emergency for the Jefferson County town, which allows the use of state resources to help the community. Gordon says the Iowa National Guard is hauling water to Libertyville in olive green five-thousand-gallon tanker trucks. Libertyville has a population around 264 and gets its water from the nearby town of Fairfield via a five-mile-long line — and the break happened somewhere along that line. Gordon says the break apparently was not caused by some sort of construction crew. She says the break may’ve been caused by the cold weather, but they don’t know for sure.The National Guard has been hauling water round-the-clock to replenish the supply in the town’s 55-thousand-gallon water tower. Residents are still able to get water out of their taps but they’re urged to conserve.