Creativity, a water hose, four-grain silos and an urge for challenging exercise have been combined for a unique experience near the University of Northern Iowa.U-N-I Phys Ed instructor Don Briggs spent four days hosing down the outside of the silos with water to build up a 12-inch thick ice layer. Now he has vertical cliffs, up to 70-feet high, that’re perfect for ice-climbing adventures. Briggs says ice climbing is fun and enlightening and says it’s a good total body workout. He says he’s had all kinds of calls from people who want to take the challenge of climbing the ice structures.Briggs, is the former wrestling coach at U-N-I, and an avid skydiver.The 51-year-old Briggs says he wants to do everything that strikes his fancy before he turns 80.Briggs says ice climbing will give you a real sense of accomplishment when you get to the top — even if the view from up there is of nothing but snow and a distant barn.