State health officials are now using brightly-colored window stickers to better promote businesses across Iowa that invested in machines to jump-start human hearts. Anita Bailey is the regional coordinator of the Iowa Bureau of Emergency Services.She says the 5-by-7 stickers feature a red heart with a yellow lightning bolt surging through it and read “Registered with the Iowa Department of Public Health.” Bailey says more than one hundred businesses in Iowa now have automatic external defibrillators, or A-E-Ds. They’re in schools, malls, fitness centers and insurance offices.The devices cost about three thousand dollars each. Bailey says some 30 Iowa police departments have trained officers and carry the A-E-Ds in their squad cars.Every year, about 12-thousand Iowans die from heart attacks or complications from them. Using an A-E-D within the first five minutes of cardiac arrest cuts the risk of death in half.