One person is dead and at least 90 injured after an Amtrak train derailed near Corning late Saturday night. The train jumped the tracks just before midnight Saturday. Nodaway mayor Robert Pafford and several volunteers opened the Nodaway community center as a shelter for other passengers on the train. 120-passengers who were not injured beyond bumps and bruises were taken to the center.Pafford says it took all night to transport the passengers from the site to the center. Several high school students were headed from Des Moines to Colorado for a ski trip. None of them were seriously hurt. This student says it took about a half-hour for rescue crews to arrive so they tried to assist other passengers.This student says he’s unsure if he’ll be taking this sort of trip again.Passengers were bused to Omaha hotels Sunday morning.The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into the crash.N-T-S-B Investigator-in-Charge Ted Turpin says the train’s engineer says the train’s whistle wasn’t working right. That had nothing to do with the derailment but Turpin says it did force the train to slow down. He says the train had slowed for a crossing and then sped up to approximately 52-miles and hour when it derailed.The track was posted for 79 miles an hour. Turpin says investigators are combing the wreck site in Adams County, near Nodaway.Turpin says the track is inspected with ultrasound once a month and visually inspected three times a week. He did not know when the track was last inspected. (Also contributing to this story were:Mark Saylor, KSIB, Creston/Bill Jensen,KOMJ, Omaha)