The record winter snow is leaving behind brown and matted lawns as it melts away this spring. An Iowa State University Extension turfgrass specialist says you can help your lawn with a little fluffing up.Dave Minner says you should go out and use a rake to fluff up the grass. The snow and ice forced many Iowans to use a lot of salt or other ice-melting products. Minner says those shouldn’t cause any big damage to the lawn. as he says most of the chemicals will leach away. Some areas are brown from sand used to fight the ice. Minner says it isn’t much of a threat either. A thick layer of a half-inch or more could be a problem, but otherwise he says you should just rake it across the lawn. Minner says there are plenty of tools available to help you take care of your lawn.Or if you don’t have the time, he says there are lots of professional companies providing lawn services.Minner says the lawn care method you chose — professional or do-it-yourself — depends on the time and money you want to put into the job.