Howling winds whipped up a mess early this morning in southwest Iowa, crunching buildings, ripping off roofs and knocking over big trees. Adams County Emergency Management Director Brian Kannas was out in the middle of it, watching for funnel clouds. While Kannas saw no funnels in the 4:30 a-m storm, he says the rolling clouds, heavy rain and high winds made for an interesting, somewhat scary, light show in the pitch-black hours.Winds on Saturday that hit central Iowa were clocked at 83-miles an hour. Kannas isn’t sure yet what the “official” peak winds were for the storms this morning, but he says they did some damage. Two workers were blown off the roof of a building under construction in Council Bluffs yesterday. One of the men died — 40-year-old Victor Forth. The other man, 45-year-old Bradley Whitman, is in serious condition. The men fell 40 feet from the roof of a structure at meatpacker I-B-P. Neither of their hometowns are available. Page County Emergency Management Director Ray Bryant was out surveying the damage in Shenandoah. There are a lot of trees and branches down, various small sheds were blown over, and the power was out at various times. Bryant says the amount of damage depends on which side of town you’re in. He says the northern part of town escaped the damage. Shenandoah got one inch of rain to go with the wind damage.