A huge tornado that started in Missouri marched across southern Iowa at mid-day today. It rumbled just east of Mt. Ayr over the noon-hour, and Steve Taylor saw the twister. Taylor says he was a mile away, and could still hear the freight-train sound of the tornado. Paul Parker of rural Tingley got in his shelter with his family when the tornado passed over. Parker says he heard the tornado, and at first thought it was a car that’d pulled into his driveway. Then the sound got louder and louder, and made that trademark freight-train whine. Several Ringgold County residents saw their homes damaged in the storm. De-Amber Hainline saw the storm approach her home south of Mount Ayr. Hainline, her husband and son survived the storm in the basement. They discovered the damage after going outside.She said the roof was blown off the house and put holes in the ceiling.She was left stunned by the storm. There are numerous other reports of damage in Ringgold County.