State officials will hold a public forum on the subject of binge drinking tomorrow at Iowa State University. The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission is considering stricter rules on taverns. The panel’s February hearing held in Iowa City failed to attract a single student, so officials decided to hold the next meeting on-campus at Iowa State. State Alcoholic Beverages Division Chief Lyn Walding says Ames is a community that takes a leadership role in regulating alcohol. Walding says the hearing is also being held at I-S-U since the annual Veishea celebration starts Friday, an event that has been marred by alcohol-fueled violence in past years. Walding says the Commission will consider the various proposals before making any recommendations to the Iowa Legislature. Walding says one of the biggest problems in Iowa college towns is the proliferation of bars and growing competition between retailers. The hearing is slated for 1 p-m Thursday in the Oak Room of I-S-U’s Memorial Union.