John Deere is joining the Army in an effort try and attract young people for a stint in military service. A new joint campaign to attract U-S Army recruits will offer priority consideration of their job application to Deere and Company, once they finish their stint in the service. It’s innovative by both John Deere and the Army, and other companies are doing it. The idea’s that the army trains people and gets some service time as well. John Deere spokesman Ken Golden says the benefit for the Army is that young people who want to get a variety of experience will find it attractive to sign up, since they’ll get an improved chance at a job they want once their military service is over. Deere already has tuition and school-to-work programs. But the firm hadn’t thought of this partnership until the Army developed a program. It’s no guarantee of a job for tomorrow’s military veterans, but Golden says they’ll have an advantage. It’s clear to managers that military service creates discipline and a broader view of the world. They’ve gained maturity and are ready to go to work. Golden explains the company’s partnered before with schools that teach skills that are needed for the workforce. The army’s new partnerships will also include State farm Insurance, Pepsi, and General Dynamics.