The first of six public hearings will be held tonight asking Iowans how they’d like the state to look -culturally- in the year 2010. Iowa Cultural Affairs director Anita Walker says thing like art, music and history are a big part of what makes up our state’s personality. Without them, she says, nobody would want to live here. Walker’s chairing the “Imagine Iowa” hearings. She says they’ll start with a reception and door prizes to encourage a fun atmosphere, and then they’ll get to work.Walker says Iowa’s most important goals in economic development, population growth and education excellence are all directly linked to a vibrant cultural climate. The 38-member Imagine Iowa committee proposes many recommendations, including the creation of a statewide cultural trust, a cultural alliance and a business incubator for emerging artists.Tonight’s hearing at the State Historical Building in Des Moines starts with a reception and door prizes at 6:30 and the hearing for opinions and suggestions on Iowa’s cultural climate from 7 to 9 o’clock. The hearings will be held each of the next five Thursday nights with the same time schedule in LeMars, Council Bluffs, Mason City, Davenport and Waterloo.