The Grinnell-Newburg School Board says an honor roll student who was home-schooled will receive a certificate of recognition — not a diploma at graduation. 17-year old Hannah Eddy was taught at home until her junior year, but Grinnell High School did not recognize the credits she earned at home. Eddy says she’s disappointed by the board’s ruling. She says it’s kind of disgraceful that a kid who barely earned enough credits can get a diploma, while a student who earns straight A’s can’t. Eddy says she is pleased that her case has caused the board to re-think the issue. Superintendent Clem Boddensteiner says he doesn’t know where the issue will go from here. Boddensteiner says he would like to see a panel of people involved in the issue get together and look at some possible changes in the policy. Grinnell’s graduation is May 26th. Eddy has already been accepted into college based on her S-A-T college entrance exam scores. She plans to become a nurse.