The southeastern-most Iowa town of Keokuk -does- have a floodwall and all Civil War re-enactment events scheduled for this weekend are still on. Kirk Brandenberger, spokesman for the Keokuk-area Convention and Tourism Bureau, says the 14th annual “Battle of Pea Ridge” will be re-lived today and tomorrow. Brandenberger says the battle was actually held in Arkansas, and it saved Missouri from the Union. The General from the Union Army was a former mayor of Keokuk. Brandenberger says more than one thousand re-enactors in blue and grey will transport the battlefield back to the 1860s. He also expects 15-to-20-thousand spectators. Brandenberger says it’s very stirring to see the Civil War come to live in front of you — it’s a long way from watching a documentary on T-V. For more information, surf to “” or call 800 383-1219.