Senate Republicans have pressed forward with Fans of legendary home run hitter Babe Ruth will get a chance to see rare artifacts, historic video and photographs of the “Bambino” when a traveling exhibit visits Sec Taylor Stadium in Des Moines May 25th through the 28th. Spokeswoman Laurie Ward says it’s part of the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum located in Baltimore. Ward says the original museum is located in the house Babe Ruth was born in. Ward says this is the fourth year for the traveling exhibit which draws large crowds across the country. Ward says among the artifacts on display, Ruth’s schoolboy catcher’s mitt which he wore on his right hand, even though it supposed to be worn on the left hand.Ward says there are a number of other memorable artifacts on display for the public. Ward says there is plenty of history surrounding Ruth in his hometown of Baltimore. Ward says Ruth’s father owned a number of saloons in town. She says when Camden Yard was being built, the spot where one of his father’s saloons existed was found, and it is now short centerfield.Ward says one of the most forgotten aspects of Ruth’s career is he began as a pitcher and had a career record of 94-wins and 46-losses. He is credited with ushering in the Yankees dynasty but is also credited with the so-called “curse” on the Boston Red Sox after they sold him to New York.