The wet weather is not only canceling picnics this spring. It may close entire state parks. Mark Peter is park manager at Ledges State Park in Boone. He says heavy rains up north forced him to close the Canyon Road to traffic this morning, and it’s likely to be closed through the weekend.Peter says it’s certainly not the first time flooding has closed the park.He says the valley of the Des Moines River in Boone County is a wonderful setting for the park, but flooding is a hazard they have to take for granted. The park just south of the town of Boone is not Iowa’s only state park that falls victim to weather conditions at times and even has to be temporarily closed.Walnut State Park in Des Moines has problems on the Raccoon River, Louis & Clark State Park in Western Iowa, and there’s a park at Missouri Valley, on the Missouri River. Peter says it’s always a good idea to check conditions at a state park before you set out for a planned outing, especially if there’s been bad weather in your area.