Iowa Senator Tom Harkin jokes that Hollywood types are “beating on his door” following his appearance last night on the David Letterman show. Harkin was one of 10 Senators invited to read Letterman’s “Top Ten” — and Harkin had the number one spot in the “Top Ten Things Never Said Before by a United States Senator.” Harkin said “The House of Representatives is a bunch of dorks.” Harkin says he hopes House members can take a joke, and he hasn’t heard anything from them yet. He says it was a lot of fun to do. This is Harkin’s second big Hollywood break. He appeared, as himself, in the movie “Dave” — the story of a man hired as a double for the President who ended up acting as the President. Harkin says he won’t give up his life of public service to continue seeking fame in Hollywood.Senator Joseph Lieberman said “I’m going to raise your taxes so I can buy myself a sweet Camaro.” Remember, this was the top ten things never said before by a United States Senator.