The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are once again baring all in Iowa to bring attention to their cause. PETA spokesperson RaeLean Smith says a scantily clad PETA volunteer will stand behind a banner in downtown Des Moines that reads “Human skin in, animal skin out.”She says they’re trying to expose the cruelty used to take the skins of animals for the use of people. Smith says they hope to convince people to leave leather behind.A PETA protester appeared in a cage in downtown Des Moines last year clad in panties, pasties and tiger body paint as a protest of the treatment of circus animals. That protest drew criticism that it was demeaning to the woman involved. Smith says all PETA protestors volunteer to appear in the skimpy outfits.She says they have people from all across the country who call and want to participate in their naked protests. She says they encourage women and men to participate if they want. Smith says there are alternatives to using animal skins.She says there are “pleather” or synthetic leather products available, as well as natural products such as cotton and hemp that can replace animal skins. The self-described “PETA Peep Show” begins at noon today at the intersection of Third and Locust streets in downtown Des Moines.