The McCaughey Septuplets’ first big vacation is chronicled in the latest edition of the Ladies Home Journal. The McCaugheys flew from Iowa to Walt Disney World, and Ladies Home Journal photographers and staff went along. Sarah Mahoney, the magazine’s editor, was interviewed this morning on “The Early Show” on C-B-S. Mahoney says there were many “Kodak moments” including the seven toddlers and older sister Mikayla meeting Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The McCaughey kids were accompanied by their parents and by six other adult family members and friends.As you may recall, the babies were born prematurely in November of 1997. Mahoney says it’s been exciting to see the progress they’ve made.Mahoney says Nathan still wears leg braces and uses a walker. Alexis uses a walker, and gets around by crawling and scooting. Alexis and Natalie still use feeding tubes occasionally.Mahoney says in her magazine’s article, the McCaugheys talk candidly about how difficult it is to raise 7 babies — and how they sometimes wish they had their old life back. She says everyone who’s a parent can relate to what they’re going through.After the babies were born, Kenny McCaughey quit his job to embark on a speaking tour, but now he’s back at work. Bobbie McCaughey recently had surgery to fix some stomach muscle damage and get rid of folds of skin. Her tummy extended to 55 inches at the height of her pregnancy.