A fundraiser is underway to pay for summer camp for low-income Iowa children with a rare blood disorder.Kids with sickle cell anemia can’t go to regular camps as they’re more prone to problems like dehydration and infections. A project at the University of Iowa aims to send up to 25 young Iowans to a camp in July in Bloomington, Illinois, where a medical staff is on-site.Dr. Thomas Loew, a U-of-I pediatrics professor, says only about a quarter of the 13-thousand dollars needed has been raised. He says the goal is to make the camp open to any Iowa children with sickle cell anemia between the ages of six and 17. Loew says the program enables these kids to feel like “normal” children for a week in a safe environment.No Iowa children were sent to the camp last year due to a lack of money. Anyone who’d like to help can call (319) 356-1400 for details.