During a stop in Iowa, President Bush sent strong signals his administration will reject California’s request to be exempted from rules which require the use of a fuel additive like ethanol. During remarks in Nevada yesterday, Bush said corn-based ethanol was the kind of alternative energy source that fits into his new national energy policy. Bush has stressed that energy independence is a national security issue, and Bush told the Iowa crowd he’d much rather replace oil from Iraq with corn products from Iowa.Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack met privately yesterday with Bush and E-P-A Administrator Christy Todd Whitman, who will make the ethanol decision public at some point. Vilsack says he told Whitman Iowa really wants the administration to shoot down the waiver.Vilsack, who has been pushing for the pro-ethanol ruling, says the President told him he won’t be disappointed with the decision.Californians want the waiver as their most-popular fuel additive, oil-based M-T-B-E, is being phased out. Ethanol would be able to dominate the market if the Clean Air Act rules stand.