Finally, there’s a prediction gasoline prices will soon -fall- in Iowa, after weeks of rising pump prices. David Downing is a fuels analyst with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources thinks the prices in Iowa will start to fall from their current levels in a few weeks. The D-N-R just completed its monthly survey of Iowa gas price, and found the second-highest monthly average in Iowa history. The record was set in June of 2000 with a dollar-77 a gallon. The statewide average is now a dollar-75 a gallon, up 16 cents from last month. That’s 31 cents higher than a year ago, but Downing says it is -not- expected to effect holiday driving next weekend.In other fuels, propane in Iowa is averaging 99-cents a gallon, a penny less than last month and up from 80-cents a gallon a year ago. Heating oil is a dollar-14 a gallon, up five cents from last month and up from a dollar-six a gallon in May of 2000.