Some members of Iowa’s greyhound industry are proposing changes they say will put dog racing in the state on a new track. Greyhound owners currently pay a two-percent fee that goes to the Iowa Greyhound Association to promote the sport. The use of that money, which totaled 260-thousand dollars last year, has been the subject of continued disputes. Now a new group, the “Greyhound Racing in Iowa Association,” wants to replace the I-G-A as the group that receives the promotional money. William Keefer, the promotions director of the new association, says the greyhound industry needs a change.He credits I-G-A with taking racing to where it is today, but says his group thinks it can do more. Keefer told the Racing and Gaming Commission Thursday that dog racing has lost appeal nationwide, and he thinks Iowa can start a turnaround.Keefer says they won’t have to start from scratch, as he says the state has unbelievable potential with racing quality and the people in the sport.The Greyhound Racing in Iowa Association will make a proposal to the State Racing and Gaming Commission next month, asking to take over the promotion of the industry.