A local N-double-A-C-P leader is urging the Bush Administration to pull a northwest Iowan’s nomination to be a top leader in the U-S-D-A. The Iowa/Nebraska president of the N-double-A-C-P objects to Thomas Dorr’s comments that three predominantly white Iowa counties did well economically because they were “non-diverse” in ethnic and religious make-up. Dorr, who is a farmer from Marcus, Iowa, has been nominated to be undersecretary of Agriculture for rural development. Iowa’s Senators aren’t weighing in, yet, on Dorr’s nomination, which must be confirmed by the Senate. Senator Grassley says he wants to review Dorr’s statements and talk to Dorr in person before making any judgement. Senator Harkin calls Dorr’s statements disturbing and bizarre, but he stops short of saying he’ll oppose Dorr’s nomination.