An Iowa woman who survived five days in her wrecked car last month spoke to the media for the first time Tuesday at University Hospitals in Iowa City. Eighteen-year-old Lindsay Thomas of Clive says she fell asleep at the wheel while on her way to a job in Waverly and her car went off Interstate-35 into a culvert. Thomas says she could hear cars going by, but soon gave up trying to raise anyone’s attention, feeling that screaming would just sap her strength.Thomas says she used a broken bottle in her mangled car to get water. She says her faith in God got her through the ordeal, and there never was a dark time where she lost hope. She says losing hope would be the same as losing her spirit. She says all the attention given her plight is overwhelming. Thomas says she doesn’t feel she’s done anything miraculous.Thomas had to have both of her legs amputated below the knee. She also suffered several other injuries, including a broken jaw and ribs. She said that she’s recovering faster than expected. Thomas says the setback won’t keep her from being active, she plans to do everything she did before the accident. Thomas says she’s received hundreds of phones calls and well wishes since the accident and they’ve helped her smile. Thomas will continue her rehabilitation over the next several weeks. She says her goal is to be well enough to leave the hospital. Thomas is originally from West Union.