Summer’s here, and for many young people, that means an opportunity to make lots of cash.A recent survey found eight out of 10 U-S teenagers hold summer jobs. Only six percent of ’em got the job to help their families make ends meet, though. Twenty-three percent of the Baby Boom generation took jobs when they were growing up so they could help the family pay bills. So, where do today’s kids spend their hard-earned money? Michelle Anderson of Ames says she’ll put her summer cash to good use to buy a car, pay college expenses and have a little extra spending money. Anderson says it was her decision to get a job, as her parents didn’t push her to get one.Many college students get jobs in the summer to help pay for tuition and campus living expenses. Adam Vanderweerdt, an Iowa State University student, says he got a job for practical reasons, so he can pay for rent and school.As the survey found, most of the teens who get jobs aren’t doing it because their family’s late with the rent. Olga Balema of Ames is keeping her cash and not sharing it with the family.