Even if you’ve got the Memorial Day Holiday off, there may be some limits on the activities you plan for the traditional first day of summer vacation activities. Spring rains have raised the level of Saylorville Reservoir, and the park’s Jerry DeMarce says some recreation areas will still be closed.All areas will be open for camping, hiking and picnicking. For boat access, only Cherry Glen is open. Jester Park and Mile-Long Bridge boat-access remain under water, though DeMarce says dedicated boaters can find other spots further up the Des Moines River. High waters on the reservoir left debris that park workers have been clearing away from boat ramps first.Once that’s cleared, debris will be hauled off, burned, or piled for campers to use as firewood. De Marce says a lot of it will need more time to dry out. He cautions that driftwood and the other flotsam carried by the high waters can pose a hazard.Whenever the reservoir’s “pool” rises there’s more floating debris. Boaters should be very cautious on the lake. High speed, especially in the evening, can be very dangerous because you won’t see debris in time to avoid it. All the park’s 500 campsites are open, though most were reserved long ago. If you’re coming just to boat, plan to do it during early morning, late evening or on a weekday. The middle of a Saturday, Sunday or this Monday holiday, it’s going to be busy. Heavy rains last weekend set back flood recovery at some areas.