“Water Works Wonders” is the theme for this year’s free fishing weekend in Iowa which begins Friday and runs through Sunday. Barb Giger is the aquatic education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.Iowa residents don’t need a fishing license this weekend, nor do they need a trout stamp. Gigar says the sport is one that doesn’t require much money to get started or to keep going for a lifetime. She says you can get outfitted with all the basic gear for only ten dollars or so.This weekend is designed to draw attention to fishing as a recreational activity and to Iowa’s fishing resources. Enthusiasts can take along a friend or neighbor and show them how much fun it can be. Gigar says this free fishing weekend is a great one to get kids “hooked” on the sport.For more details on the free fishing weekend or to find out where they’re bitin’, surf to “www.state.ia.us/fish” or call 800-ASK-FISH for a state D-N-R fishing report. Iowa’s had free fishing days since 1987.